End User Agreements


Stream Information's direct buying model, allows customers to access their energy information directly by entering into End User Agreements with Stream for the provision of Metering Services.  End User Agreements mean that consumers can deal directly with Stream in regards to metering and associated services without having to go through their energy retailer.

Many customers enjoy this independence as it allows for continuity of services regardless of which Retailer they are taking energy supply from.

To view a copy of Stream Information's End User Metering Services Standard Terms and Conditions click here


End User Energy Metering Services


Stream Information's Metering Services include -

  • Supply of industry certified electronic ‘smart' meters (click here for description of meter models)
  • Installation and site certification to industry standards
  • On-going compliance and maintenance services
  • Automatic meter reading at customer-nominated intervals
  • Collection of electricity consumption and demand information
  • Data transfer to electricity retailers for billing purposes
  • Data storage to industry approved ISO9002 processess
  • Sub-metering service


Cloud Based Energy Management and Monitoring Tools


Stream Energy Manager – is a web based energy management tool that provides customers with an online view of when, where and how much energy is being used, at any time.

Stream Energy Manager is an ideal solution for businesses seeking to better manage energy related costs and environmental impacts.

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Embedded Network Services

Stream Information is able to provide metering solutions to Embedded Network Operators that makes the operation of an Embedded Network an easy and straight forward process.

Revenue Grade Metering

From gate meters through to tenancy meters, Stream can offer revenue grade advanced metering solutions that makes collecting and accessing data across Embedded Networks simple.

Stream Information can also provide compliance and maintenance services for all metering related equipment.

All Stream Information meters are half hour capable which gives Embedded Network Operators the ability to offer innovative pricing options to its customers.


Customer Network Services


As with Embedded Networks, Stream Information can provide metering solutions to Customer Network Operators that will streamline the operation of Customer networks and enable easy access to data for reconciliation purposes.

In addition to revenue grade metering for gate metering applications, Stream Information can also provide sub-metering services in support of customer networks.

Data across the network can readily accessed via the Stream Energy Manager website.