Question – What benefit is there to my business in dealing with Stream Information?

Answer – Stream Information provides customers with many benefits that include -

1.     Direct online access to energy data and web based analytical tools to help customers to analyse their data

2.     Independence of metering costs

3.     Customised compliance schedules

4.     Continuity of services regardless of which Retailer you are with.

5.     Access to on-going support and industry notifications.

Question – Who owns the meters that enables the Stream Information service?

Answer – Metering equipment supplied by Stream Information is owned by Advanced Metering Assets Limited (AMA). Stream Information is a brand of Advanced Metering Assets Limited.

Question - Why do I pay for the meter?

Answer – Electronic Metering Equipment utilised by Stream Information is the enabler that provides energy data used by customer for Energy Management. Stream Information leases metering equipment directly to customers. This arrangement provides customers with direct access to the data coming off the meters.

Question – Do I have to lease meters, buy them or do I have a choice?

Answer - In almost all cases a meter lease agreement is the most appropriate form of service provision. STREAM provides a turnkey solution for the provision of metering data to customers. Meters must be maintained in accordance with industry and product standards. STREAM takes care of this. The STREAM Metering Services Agreement makes provision for the timely and accurate provision of metering data without customers having to be concerned about the technical platform that makes this possible.

Question – How do I enter in to an agreement for Services with Stream Information?

Answer – Customers enter in to service arrangement with Stream by signing a Stream Information End User Agreement. The agreement set-outs the terms of service. A copy of Stream Information's standard terms and conditions can be find on the homepage of the Stream Information Website. To discuss an End User Agreement contact Stream today.

Question – What are the customer and supplier obligations of the contract?

Answer - Customer and supplier obligations are specified in detail in the Metering Services Agreement. STREAM provides a non-exclusive right to the Customer to use the metering and communications equipment and related software for the purposes of accessing and using electricity metering information. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that conditions in which a meter is installed remain unchanged.

Question – If I am leasing a property and decide to move before the end of my contract term can I continue with Stream Information Services at my new property?

Answer - Yes, the customer may request relocation of the equipment to an alternative specified site however the customer will be liable for costs incurred as a result of removal and reinstallation.

Question – How can I use the information provided to best reduce my energy costs?

Answer - 1. Detailed Consumption Information for Operational Management

STREAM metering data presents a half hourly profile of your consumption pattern. This allows you to identify the impact of your processes and equipment on your energy consumption throughout the day.

2. Detailed Energy Cost Analysis (current consumption patterns)

Question – In what format will the metered data be made available to me?

Answer - metering data can be viewed on the Clariti website graphically or in tabular format and can be downloaded as a spreadsheet or CSV file.

Question – What sort of meter do I need to enable the Stream service?

Answer – Stream Information services are powered by Time of Use (TOU) meters. For more information about TOU meters, speak to a Stream Information representative today.

Question – What is involved in installing a new meter?

Answer - You notify your existing retailer of your intention to use STREAM's metering service. STREAM then arranges the removal and return of the existing metering equipment to the owner, and the installation and EGR certification of the STREAM equipment.

Question – Can I choose when the meter installation is to take place?

Answers - Yes, you should advise STREAM of the specific date and time required.

Question - Is the service available nationally if my organisation is located over a number of regions?

Answer - Yes. You can view data at your head office or regional locations for every metered facility in New Zealand.

Question – Do I need to replace all my meters?

Answer - No, only those meters that the electricity retailers currently provide to enable Time of Use pricing or where there is a requirement to receive half hourly consumption data for energy management purposes.

Question – How long would I need to lease a meter for?

Answer – For new installations the monthly service fee payable by the customer is calculated on the basis that services will be provided and meter(s) utilized for a minimum 5 year term.

Question - What are the penalties if I want to terminate my contract early?

Answer - Contracts may be terminated early but the customer will be subject to reparation costs depending on the point in the contract the termination occurs. This varies from $220 to $1900 depending on whether the installation costs were paid directly by the customer or are included in monthly service fees.

Question – I am not sure if I am under any obligation to keep the existing metering in place (resulting from my current energy supply contract). What should I do?

Answer- Contact your existing energy supplier to clarify any obligations you may have regarding your existing metering equipment.

Question - What will happen to the Time of Use meter if I change my electricity Retailer?

Answer - Stream offers an independent EGR-compliant service that allows you to seamlessly switch between electricity retailers and provides you the ability to view electricity consumption data via the Intern

The meter is independent of your Supply Agreement so it will not be affected. You will however need to make sure that STREAM is notified of the change to ensure that we send data files of your consumption to the correct retailer.

Question - Will I need to shut down while the meter is being installed?

Answer - Generally not, provided the site where the existing metering equipment is connected to EGR-certified current transformers.

Question – What happens to my old meter?

Answer - Stream will make arrangements to return the meter to its owner

Question – Is there independent information or reference available to assist me to assess the value, quality an accuracy of a meters used by Stream Information?

Answer - Yes, for more information, refer to the Stream Technology section of the Stream Information Website.

Question – How long will it take to install a meter?

Answer - STREAM will arrange a convenient time to install the meter with you, normally within five days of signing the Metering Services Agreement. Occasionally there are issues that have to be resolved before the installation can take place, e.g. access or other equipment being installed simultaneously. STREAM will work with you during this time. The actual onsite installation time is normally between two and four hours.

Question – Do I need to replace all my meters?

Answer - No, only those meters that the electricity retailers currently provide to enable Time of Use pricing or where there is a requirement to receive half hourly consumption data for energy management purposes.