The Power of Information


Stream Information specialises in providing commercial and industrial customers with direct access to their energy information through the use of metering technologies and cloud based energy management applications.

With this information, customers are able to:

  • Monitor peak usage periods and manage your usage to reduce your overall energy consumption and costs
  • Negotiate & select optimal pricing plans from your retailer based on what best suits your specific demand patterns and levels
  • Verify the accuracy of your electricity bills


Energy Management Tools


Stream Information enables customers to access their energy information online via the web based portal, the Stream Energy Manager.

If you have a site that is fitted with a Stream Information meter, you can access your site's energy information using the Stream Energy Manager.

For a demonstation of how the Stream Energy Manager works, click on the video below.

Stream Energy Manager Demonstration Video



To find out more about the Stream Information services or to equire about becoming a Stream Information customer,  click here

Stream Energy Manager LoginstreamInfo

If you are already a Stream Information customer, you can log into the Stream Energy Manager by clicking here.